Q: How far is Puerto Vallarta from me?

It is about a 2 hour direct flight from Los Angeles, and about a 3 hour direct flight from San Francisco. It is about a 6.5 hour flight from New York.

Q: How many people can the house accommodate? 

Up to 10 people can live comfortably in Casa Nautilus. The house has 4572 square feet of indoor area and 3320 square feet of terrace and pool area.

Q: How far is the house from downtown? From the airport?

Downtown is 15 minutes away by taxi. You can easily flag down a taxi along the highway, or call to have one dispatched directly to the house. You can also take the bus into town for less than a dollar. The airport is 30 minutes away by taxi.

Q: How far in advance should I book Casa Nautilus? 

If you want to stay during high season, from November to April, you should make reservations a few months ahead of time. But don’t hesitate to email us with your desired dates. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Q: How is the tap water? 

Tap water in Puerto Vallarta is safe to drink. However, the house has an extensive water filtration system to further improve the water.​

Q: Does the house have a phone?

Yes. Local calls are free. You need to use your calling card or credit card to make long distance calls. There is no fax machine.

Q: What about laundry?

There is a washer and dryer set available for your use. The staff will perform basic maid service on the rooms every day. Towels, sheets, and soap are provided for you.

Q: What media players does the house have?

The house has a TV with a CD, DVD, and VCR players. The CD player is a small portable unit. The TV is a 35″ large screen.

Q: Will the staff cook for us?

Yes. You can eat at home if you like. Every morning, tell the cook what you would like to eat. The cook will go shopping for you and cook your meals. However, you will have to pay for the groceries.

Q: Can I connect to the internet?

A dialup internet connection account is available for your use. However, you have to supply your own laptop computer.

Q: Is the house air conditioned?

Each bedroom is air conditioned. The other areas are not air conditioned, but are usually kept cool by the ocean breeze and ceiling fans.

Q: Can I bring my own food?

Sure. But most items are available in Mexico. There is a Walmart in Puerto Vallarta.

Q: Should I rent a car?

Most likely not. Taxis are inexpensive and plentiful in Puerto Vallarta. But if you want to rent a car, there is space to park 2 cars behind the kitchen.

Q: Should we tip the staff?

If the service was acceptable, then the staff would very much appreciate a tip.

More questions? Feel free to contact us with any other concerns!

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